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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Do our clothes reveal who we are?

Do Our Clothes Reveal Who We Are?

Mark Twain once said: “clothes make the man.” And whilst it’s easy to see what he
was getting at, we have to question whether it is strictly true. Yes, a sharp, well-
tailored suit might tell us something about the wearer. But then, isn’t it true that we
could quite easily encounter the same person the following day, sporting well-worn
jeans and a stained T-shirt? This would understandably lead to confusion over this
person’s character and status. But if we’d only met him on the second day, we’d hold
a very different view of him to those who’d only encountered him a day earlier. So
perhaps Mark Twain’s words are a little ambiguous.

Each to their own

Everyone has a favorite outfit – clothes they feel most comfortable in. Likewise, we
all have things we don’t like to wear – things that make us feel uncomfortable. But
whether your preference is for cuffs and collars, jogging bottoms and hoodies, or
plain old jeans and T-shirts, there’s no escaping the fact that what we wear – at any
given time – speaks volumes to those who encounter us.

Many of us are proud to wear the labels and logos of our preferred brands or
fashion houses. Whether these are emblazoned across our chests or neatly stitched
somewhere within view, they do, of course, have two functions: firstly, as eye-
catching decorations, and secondly, as advertisements for the company.

However we dress, we are expressing our personalities. As such, dressing is, in a
way, a form of communication. Think about it... a quiet, reserved person might dress
in conservatively-styled, plain, middle-of-the-road colors; nothing too bright so as
not to garner attention. An extrovert would almost certainly wear an explosive mix
of bright colors and bold styling. Yet, both could be wearing the latest fashion.

Stand out from the crowd

We love brands that have a passion for designing bold and original clothing that don't let you blending into the background, but that are still subtle enough to let you be modest. We have been looking for clothes that would match this definition, and believe we have come across the perfect example, and think there's no fashion house closer to this than Firetrap (this is where we got these images from). These pictures are of items that we believe are unique, chic, and trendy at the same time.

Do you also like standing out from the crowd without exaggerating?


PS: This is the first time I write SO much on a post. Let me know what you think about these kinds of posts. 


  1. i see fashion as art and a chance to express myself, but try not to take it too seriously, it's fun but not THE most important aspect of life. i love this sort of post! xo.

  2. great post Girls:-) love it and it's soooooooo true:-) clothes express our personality and also our emotions on a given day... keep writing:-)xoxo

  3. I see fashion as a way of expressing myself. Depending on my mood is what I wear that day. Great post, I loved it!


  4. fashion is the way of expressing myself!!!kisses

  5. Very true indeed. Fashion should never be taking to seriously and always express your personality whilst being fun too

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Thats true dear..:)

    i dress as per my mood.. :)

  7. oh dear, if my clothes reveal who i am... omg haha i gotta improve my closet! im so nnonchalant about clothes. :( -Loving Sunshine

  8. I agree with u dear!:) kisses!

  9. I love this post. And I agree.
    see you soon.

  10. Hola!!! He puesto una foto vuestra con uno de los outfits en el post de hoy, espero que recibais muchas visitas ;D
    Saludos y feliz fin de semana!!

  11. First photo it's amazing, I love it!

  12. Love the maxi-dress.


  13. fantastic post and fantastic images <3

  14. I quite agree that sometimes what we wore really defines us because it gives off the first impression. Our taste also will be evident in the looks we're creating.

    I actually love these kind of posts because it helps people interact and we also learn from the things you share.


  15. Totally agree with you! I totally believe that someone's personality is truly expressed by their fashion style. And... I like you writing that much too!

  16. I believe the way we dress is a reflection of who we are in a way.

  17. totally agree with u...dressing up d way we do is a form of reflects your mood, thoughts and perhaps
    what stage or phase of life you are going through.

  18. You are very right. One of the reasons I love fashion is
    because it's a way to express myself. Great post :)


  19. Very rightly said Angela!!! I have always believed this philosophy too. That’s true indeed, clothes do reveal a lot about the person who is wearing them. I wore clothes as I feel, if I feel sad then go for blue like that, so I totally agree!!

  20. I love this post. So true.

  21. I do think fashion expresses our personality!

  22. Great phitos, very well written!

  23. I agree completely - though clothes may not say EVERYTHING about a person, they definitely show us a bit about their personality and most definitely their style.

    It's really just up to us and how much of a fashion risque we're willing to take to show people more or less of ourselves. Thank you again for your sweet comment on my blog - it's so wonderful to connect with Boston bloggers :)

  24. Por eso la moda no solo es moda, es alma , creatividad, personalidad...

  25. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo en que la ropa habla por ella sola... Muchas veces, sólo por como viste / se mueve una persona... podemos adivinar casi como es!! (Personalmente, por eso, lo que más me gusta son aquellos que te sorprenden y no terminan de ser como les hubieras descrito :))


  26. The lose top on the first picture is amazing !!

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