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Saturday, December 31, 2011

My New Year's Eve Perfect Outfit

Yes, LF did it again!

Before leaving Boston, Angela and I visited LF trying to find dresses for new year's eve. Of course, there were tons of perfect ones, and we couldn't really decide which one was the best. Sadly, we ended up not buying any, but I just checked out their New Year's Dash lookbook and fell in love again.

First of all, I have the biggest crush on those Dolce Vita Juliet shoes (on the second picture). I'd love to wear those with any dress on New Year's Eve. I also love the polka dotted top on the first picture, and the top on the last one, with the heart in the back is just so chic <3

On another note, I have to say, I get a little nostalgic thinking that this year is almost over, and that so many good things happened in it. I see it as the end of a chapter, and the beginning of a new one. This was one of the best years for me, and I hope 2012 is just as great. 

Hope you guys have an awesome New Year and can't wait to see all your lovely posts next year!

Lots and lots of love, and see you in 2012!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!! Macarons , Ladurée

Hello Darlings!!
  I just got home for christmas and my friend Alberto suprised me with these macarons from LADUREE, which is a very famous bakery in Paris. I was delighted by the girft. I loved the box and of course the macarons were AMAZING!!! 
I hope a Merry christmas to everyone !!!!!!!!!!
What do you guys think about my gift?? 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dolce Vita Jemma Ankle Boots

Dolce Vita Jemma
These beauties are all I think about. I keep going online to look at them. They make me feel some serious butterflies from the first time I saw them in front of me at a store. I need to buy them at some point <3

Can Santa possibly give them to me??
want want want

By the way, I got my Lasik eye surgery. It's one of the best things that has happened in my life. Going from being almost blind, to seeing everything perfectly is just priceless. The world seems to be a different place.

How have you guys been? Sorry for posting so little lately, but as you know Angela went back to Spain, and I am in Venezuela.



Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Giveaway winners!!

The winners of the giveaway were:

TheSanctuary from  and Jackie from

Congratilations ladies! your gifts have been sent :)

and thanks so much for participating to everyone <3

see you very soon


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

GIVEAWAY - Buxom & Kiko

We have reached 100 followers, and that is great news for us, so we have decided to do a giveaway to say thanks to you guys!
Since we are short on time, and we are both leaving to go back home to Spain and Venezuela for the holidays, we will close this giveaway by December 20th.

The giveaways:

  1. Since we loved the Buxom mascara combo we showed on the last post, we will be giving one way (brand new).
  2. We bought some Kiko nail-polishes from Spain and had a friend send them to us so we could try them out, so you can try them out with us too, and choose two colors that you'd like to have.

How to participate:

  1. You should be a follower.
  2. Leave us a comment saying which giveaway you'd like to receive: the Buxom mascara duo, or your selection of two Kiko nail-polish colors.
  3. Send us an email to with your full name and address, so that we are able to send you your gift once we close the contest and choose the winner (remember we are short on time).
This will be a fun experience for us! so don't hesitate and participate.

Good luck guys!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Diorshow Maximizer and Buxom Lash Hurrah

 The Diorshow Maximizer lash amplifying duo: Diorshow maximized lash plumping serum & Diorshow mascara

Buxom Lash Hurrah:  a party duo featuring the new amplified lash mascara & the Buxom lash mascara

So, I decided to stop by Sephora to buy some Christmas gifts for my mum and ended up buying these two sets of mascara. I love mascaras and enjoy trying new ones and adding them to my favorites list.

The Diorshow Maximizer mascara (the white one) is the new hot stuff in Sephora, so I bought it to give it a try. I have tried the normal one (the blue one) but it isn't really special by itself.

I bought the Buxom duo because I've heard a lot of people say that the Buxom mascara is really good and I had never tried it before.

I began by trying the Buxom duo first, and honestly, I really like the little Amplified Lash Mascara. It works well not only with the Buxom Lash Mascara, but also with other mascaras. It gives a great finishing look and it makes lashes seem longer. I'm glad I bought it because it is a definite must-have. On the other hand, the bestselling Buxom Lash Mascara didn't end up being as good as I thought it would be on my lashes. It looked good at the beginning but not after a couple hours. I think I'll stick to my Urban Decay Mascara (so far my favorite one) and just add the Buxom Amplified Lash Mascara at the end.

I haven't tried the Dior set yet, but I hope it's as great as it looks.

Have you tried any of these? what are your favorite mascaras?
I'll never stop looking for the perfect one!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black and White Horses

Hope you guys like this design Angela did on my nails. We only used three colors for this one: white, black and gold. I took a picture of the brush we used because some of you asked about the brushes we used on the Cosmo Nails post.
I love this design. I think it's neat.

Let us know your thoughts on this :)



Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Bracelets

I first saw these babies on a friend of mine here in Venezuela, and fell in love instantaneously. They seem to be pretty fashionable here since I've seen them several times already but in different colors.

I bought them at a little store where everything is hand-made by the lady that owns it. I first fell in love with the one with the purple stone. I love how she attached the stone to the bracelet with the golden wire, and the loops it has. These bracelets are sold in sets of three so it came with the other two as a bonus. They also usually come in crazy summer colors, but I chose these so I can use them in Boston. I love the hint of orange for the Fall.

This is one of the reasons why I love coming to Venezuela. They always have great, new and unique jewelry. I really go crazy thinking about what to buy. I'm thinking I should learn how to make them so I can make them for myself and friends (she said it wasn't really hard).

Which one's your favorite?


PD: I'm a little sad because I'm leaving tomorrow morning to Boston:( These 5 days weren't enough.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cosmo Nails

Angela bought a set of brushes to paint nails and got it last week. We didn't have time to use them until a few days ago, and this is what we decided to do. I painted these little cosmo drawings on her nails while looking at some pictures, and these were the pictures that inspired us :

Hope you guys like it!
What are you guys doing for thanksgiving? I came to Venezuela today, and just got home with my family <3

Happy Thanksgiving!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Now the parks look exactly the way I want them to look... yellow.

Boston has been beautiful lately. The ground is covered by yellow leafs, and the weather is just amazing. These pictures were taken yesterday and as you can see I wasn't even wearing a coat.
Anyway, yesterday morning I woke up and asked my friend to please come to the park with me and perhaps have some milk-shakes, so we could take advantage of the weather. I couldn't wait to wear these pants and these shoes together. I hadn't really been able to because it was a bit too cold to wear them.

I had been looking for leather pants, but hadn't found them, until I visited someone's blog (can't remember whose) last week and saw she was wearing them. I ran to H&M the day after and bought them. I couldn't be any happier!

I think the last picture is funny, and did you notice my hair sweeping the floor?
Hope you guys like these!



Sweater & Pants: H&M
Shoes: JC

Thursday, November 10, 2011

SEPHORA- Makeup Studio Blockbuster

I am absolutely in love with this make up studio. Angela made me buy it last week from Sephora and I'm thrilled I did. The eye color pigments are incredible, and there are 96 different colors. You can play around and you will never get bored with this pallete. I am not a very big fan of make up, but after this I started using eye shadows and lipgloss everytime I can! I love the sparkly colors they have. They have this really beautiful black with glitter, it may sound like it's too much, but it is amazing.

The palette also has lip colors, blushes, a bronzer, face powder, gel eye liners, a mascara, and the little brushes to apply everything. I actually want to get some other sets to bring to Spain as christmast gifts! I think it is a very good buy because it has more for the price (than other palettes from other brands).

Have you guys come across this make-up studio in Sephora? if you did, what do you guys think of it?
are there any other palettes you know about that aren't too expensive and have many eye-shadows?


Saturday, November 5, 2011




So, here are our Halloween pictures. The first day we dressed up as Red Riding Hood and Pirate-Mermaid. We were caught in the middle of a snow storm (apparently the second or third snow storm ever registered in Boston for October), and yes we were wearing close to nothing!

The second day we were planning on wearing our awesome Spartan Queen costumes, but it was so cold we weren't able to... so we put on our cat and bunny tails and ears and went on a trip to Salem!
As you guys may know, Salem is the perfect place to go for Halloween. They take Halloween very serious. Everyone dresses up with great detail. Houses are decorated in a way that makes you feel like you're in the middle of a horror movie.

Our favorite costumes were the Mad Hatter and Alice from Alice in Wonderland and the "girls" from Pan-am. Loved those! What do you guys think? did you see anything more creative than these costumes?

Chao chao,