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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Urban Decay- Book of Shadows IV

Ok so you guys won't believe this. I went to Sephora yesterday, looking for a concealer and I ended up getting my eye make up done by this guy called Danny. It was pretty awesome. He was using the Urban Decay Naked Palette on me, and all of the sudden his manager comes up to us while he's doing my eyes and asks him if he saw the new Urban Decay Book of Shadows they had just got, and since he hand't, we both asked her to please bring it out because we wanted to see it so bad... The thing is that this Book of Shadows isn't out for sale in Boston yet and I absolutely fell in love with it so she let me buy it. Isn't that awesome?
I'm going to show you some pictures of it because it has pretty much everything you need for your eye make-up.

This is how the box looks on the outside.

I love the eye-shadow colors. 10 of the colors are completely new, and it also comes with the eye primer, the mascara and the eye-liner. I have to say they're really good. I had never tried the mascara or the eye-liner and I'm in love with them now. The box also comes with a mini speaker that you can use as a key chain and you can connect to your phone or ipod to scan the codes that come in a little card to listen to how to do your make-up. You can also watch how-to videos. AHHH it really is amazing!

I just went into the Sephora website and saw they already have it there for sale. I rather go to the store and not pay for shipping though!

Tell us what you think about this book of shadows!!


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