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Monday, September 5, 2011

Angela Maria

Hi! We're Angela Maria and Angela Maria. Yes we both have the same name, coincidentially. We live in an apartment together while we go to school in Boston and we are originally from Spain and Venezuela. 
We have a third family member, and that's Odisea, our little tortoise! we'll be showing her a lot on this blog too. She's really cute and tiny.
We absolutely LOVE shopping, like every other girl does! we love everything that has to do with nail-polishes, shoes, apartment decoration(since we just moved to our new apartment), make-up, and one hundred other things.
We decided to start blogging because we want to share our findings with you so that you too can share yours with us, and tell us what you think. It's going to be an awesome way of exchanging fashion/shopping knowledge and recommendations. We're so excited about this.
This is going to be a great experience so please tell us what you think. Any criticisms or compliments will be highly appreciated because that's what this blog is all about. 


  1. Me encanta, y la foto de la tortuga me dio mucha risa Angelasss! jajajaj sigan poniendo mas cosas. Estas muuy fino su blog besoss