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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cupcake nails

I did Angela's nails yesterday and drew cupcakes on two of her fingers. I once saw a picture of a girl with cupcake nails on internet and just tried recreating it. It wasn't as hard as I thought.

This was the final look:

All the nail-polishes that we used had thin tipped brushes. This is what I did:

Step 1: Draw four white lines on the tips of your nails and use another color to draw lines in between the white lines (here I used yellow).

Step 2: Draw an upside down heart on the other half of your nail.

Step 3: outline the heart with a silver nail-polish and shape it so the heart looks like a real cup-cake.

I then just drew little sprinkles on the cupcake and put some glitter on them.

Let me know if you liked how the nails came out looking. I think they look really cute!



  1. ahh too cute! x

  2. Woooooooowwww....great nail!!! Yes...I have decided to follow you...and now I hope that you follow me!!! Sorry for my imperfect English!!! :-)


  3. I follow you on Bloglovin!!!


  4. que chulas las uñas!! te sigo xq m ha gustado mucho tu blog y ha sido un placer vistarlo!!

    He visto tu mensaje en mi blog; para seguirme tienes q fijarte a la derecha de la página, vas bajando hasta que pone miembros ( es un poco más pekeño q lo demás) y ves pequeñas fotitos de mi seguidores y debajo de esas fotos te pregunta si ya eres miembro ( o algo asi) y seguido pone: Acceder ( que viene subrayado) pues le das ahí y ya puedes seguirme.

    De todas formas gracias por haberme visitado e intentar seguirme; si quieres pasate después que voy a colgar un post sobre una nueva pasarela.

    Mil gracias!! besitooo!!

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  6. Fabulous! Love those nails. I kinda suck at nail art though... :)
    Following back!
    xx, Maria