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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

GIVEAWAY - Buxom & Kiko

We have reached 100 followers, and that is great news for us, so we have decided to do a giveaway to say thanks to you guys!
Since we are short on time, and we are both leaving to go back home to Spain and Venezuela for the holidays, we will close this giveaway by December 20th.

The giveaways:

  1. Since we loved the Buxom mascara combo we showed on the last post, we will be giving one way (brand new).
  2. We bought some Kiko nail-polishes from Spain and had a friend send them to us so we could try them out, so you can try them out with us too, and choose two colors that you'd like to have.

How to participate:

  1. You should be a follower.
  2. Leave us a comment saying which giveaway you'd like to receive: the Buxom mascara duo, or your selection of two Kiko nail-polish colors.
  3. Send us an email to with your full name and address, so that we are able to send you your gift once we close the contest and choose the winner (remember we are short on time).
This will be a fun experience for us! so don't hesitate and participate.

Good luck guys!



  1. YEAYY fun fun.

    Followed you long time ago haha.

    I would like to get the Kiko nail-polish.( blue and green) :)

    I will email you soon <3


  2. nice giveaway!
    I love the polishes..the blue and the gold!
    emailing you now :D

  3. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    I would love to win the silver and gold nail polishes. I'll be emailing you shortly! :-)

  4. Genial el sorteo!!


  5. Congrats on your 100 followers! This is an awesome giveaway. Good luck to all who are going to join!

  6. congrats for your 100 followers dear=)
    kisses pretty!!

  7. Felicitaciones por los 100 seguidores :D
    Un beso,

  8. Great selection!!!
    i would love the bUxom mascara duo!!! <3

  9. Love the nail polishes! Thanks for commenting on my post. X

  10. Kiko's nail polishers are great! Love the long lasting texture and colors!