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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Yesterday was great. We woke up really late and had planned to stay home and relax, when our friend called us and told us he would pick us up to go eat in Cambridge... honestly we couldn't refuse to such a splendid proposal. It was warm outside, and the day was just beautiful, so we threw up some clothes and left. These were our "lazy-day" outfits. Really comfortable.

We walked a lot, and even did a little bit of shopping. The last two pictures are of the coats that Angela and I fell in love with, at Zara. She loved the white one, and it looks great on her doesn't it? But, my favorite one was the red one... 

Have you guys seen the crazy sales that are going on? I bought the white shorts with black stripes for like 5$ and the yellow shirt with black for another 5$. 

What do you guys thing about the coats? should we go back and buy them?

Gray Shorts, Striped Shorts, Black and Yellow Shirt - Urban Outfitters
Gray T-shirt - H&M
Black boots, Red and White Coats - Zara



  1. Love it great post and love the red coat besos Virgit

  2. the red trench coat it's so nice!!! xoxo

  3. Love ur striped short!!!! amazing! <333

  4. thanks for comment;) !

    great post ;)